Bertolt Wrecked

An original, devised performance created in collaboration with  Cascade Creative Recovery.

Bertolt Wrecked is a collection of wickedly delicious tales, devised with the Cascade Creative Recovery drama group. Using dark humour to depict the mundane, everyday lives of everyday people in an imagined dystopian world, Bertolt Wrecked explores the lives and relationships of people who live in fear and anxiety resulting from a widespread pandemic gripping their communities.  



Rebel Boob

Rebel Boob is a multimedia performance based on interviews with women affected by breast cancer. Using choreography and digital art weaved with verbatim prose, to tell stories along themes of identity, priorities, grief and relationships.

This premiered at The Old Market, Hove in March 2020, and is hoping to tour at the earliest possibility.

Photo credit: Dave Myers Photography,

Trailer created by: 7000 Trees,