Previous work and archives

                                                  Bertolt Wrecked

An original, devised performance created in collaboration with  Cascade Creative Recovery.

Bertolt Wrecked is a collection of wickedly delicious tales, devised with the Cascade Creative Recovery drama group. Using dark humour to depict the mundane, everyday lives of everyday people in an imagined dystopian world, Bertolt Wrecked explores the lives and relationships of people who live in fear and anxiety resulting from a widespread pandemic gripping their communities.  

 This production was devised and written by participants over a period of 6 months during workshops led by Angela El-Zeind, during the covid lockdown.

Performed in May and October 2021 at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton 

In 2016 we joined forces with Mankind, who kindly supported us, to devise a new theatre piece about a male survivor of child sexual abuse, and the impact it is having on his adult life.

In Between You and Me, our focus is on his family and friends – who are unaware of this traumatic experience – and how they respond to his challenging behaviour. This forum theatre piece is focused on men’s mental health, and how we can provide better support.

Featured as part of VDay 2016, and performed to a sold out audience at the Brighton Dome Studio, The Vagina Monologues was a celebration of womanhood and International Womans Day! 

First performed in 2015, Contact Order is a forum theatre play about the struggles that a single father faces, in order to keep contact with his child.

Inspired by true experiences and events, Contact Order tells the story of Mark, a single dad, who tries to protect and maintain his parental rights, and how he gradually loses control and support in his attempts to do so. 

“Homeless not Hopeless” was researched and developed following a series of workshops with FirstBase (a service of Brighton Housing Trust, providing support and help for homeless) service users.


Gay, Actually was our first forum theatre performances and the focus was the micro-aggressions of homophobia and the pressures of conformity within society that many people face.


All of our forum theatre productions are available to be performed upon request, and can be accompanied by a workshop, as well as resource and study materials.

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